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SO Clean Cleaning Services LLC:

This often leads to furniture looking old. When you opt for deep-cleaning services from SoClean we make sure that proper cleaning is done at every nook and the corners so that the shine of it is restored properly.
Apart from cleaning we also provide maintenance services in Dubai. The range of services includes:-

1. Air Conditioner Maintenance Services - During summers it becomes extremely important to get AC maintenance service in Dubai. Extremely hot weather makes it difficult to live without AC. So if you want to escape to face issues with the AC, take the services by us.

2. Cold Store Room Maintenance - Cold Storeroom is extremely important for the businesses who deal with FMCG services. Thus any fault in the cold room leads to a huge loss. We have experts who have dealt with these kinds of issues multiple times and provided the best services. You can call us if you are facing similar issues with your cold storage and our team will ensure fast and punctual services to you.

3. Electrical Solutions - If you face any issue with the electrical faults or with electrical appliances, you can contact our team and get them repaired. We have certified people who can ensure the quality work is served to you and don’t have to face similar issues again.

4. Plumbing Solutions:- Leaking taps and pipes are irritating. Get quality plumbing services with SoClean at your doorsteps.

Apart from these we also provide services related to babysitting and maid services in Dubai. At SoClean we always try to provide the best and efficient household services under one roof. So next time, if you are in need of the services mentioned above in Dubai SoClean, is present for you.